Constitution / Model Rules 2021

The updating of the Hall’s constitution is currently a work in progress – August 2021

Respecting the Model Rules of 1989 being to maintain and upgrade the hall as necessary and to promote the use of the Hall for public use, the 2021 Committee is proposing to develop those guidelines to

3 Draft Objectives pending 2021 AGM

The objectives of the association are—

  1. To raise funds to maintain and improve the Hall and its facilities, ensuring the buildings are safe, attractive, and remarkable reflecting the heritage of the area
  2. To foster and maintain awareness of the history of Cedar Creek Public Hall, and its surroundings
  3. To foster a growth of appreciation, understanding and knowledge of the biodiversity of our surroundings given the unique geographical position
  4. To be inclusive of all lifestyles, cultures, and generations, and collaborating with groups for the youth, aged and those experiencing disadvantage
  5. To ensure the community is provided with the opportunity to hire, share, care and have fun through a diversity of activities by promoting the use of the Hall